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Who is Tom Hitchcock?

Tom Hitchcock has forged a reputation across continents for making an impact with his own unique flavour. Pulling in success stories and valuable life lessons, combined with influence of thought leaders he can empower companies and individuals alike. 

Where has he came from?

Sales training and leadership has been his innate forte that has enabled success in recruitment, coaching and mentoring. Having owned several Call Centres and other purpose-lead successful  businesses 

What does he do?

More recently he can be spotted delivering seminars, workshops and keynote speaking and has even coined and Trademarked a new distruptive model of recruitment called ‘Omnirecruitment’. A genuine futurist of recruitment.

What this space...

  • Upcoming he has his highly anticipated Podcast called “Cusp”
  • There will be a book release coming soon
  • Plus some disruptive tech and service offerings being finely tuned

Can I engage Tom Hitchcock?

Toms’ passion for people will ensure that every interaction with him is bespoke and designed for the best outcomes achievable. With a unique holistic approach to business and personal development; if you are motivated to make your goals a reality, Tom welcomes the contact:

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