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The origin of the self starter in me

Born in Essex, the UK without money and brought up by a single parent. We were that poor for much of my early years we had to use a bucket for a toilet.

One of my earliest memories was being traumatised by Postman Pad. I never understood how he can be so happy going round and round in circles in his van and achieving nothing.

Going through school I was never part of a cliché. I refused them and had my own friends for other reasons. When schooling I held down multiple part-time jobs to keep money coming into the house.

It is fair to say that I learnt many life lessons very young, was subsequently determined to make something of myself, by myself. This is what I can control.

The eternal Optimist

As a young man, this is how I lived. I could see the good in everyone and literally bounce from adventure to adventure. This I would never change, but if I could speak to that young man now I would warn him of people taking advantage of his good nature.

I was never really academic but went to University for the experience. Graduated in Sociology, Psychology and Health in Bath. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in. I ran weekly nightclub events and was certainly a socialite.

Disappointed and loyal was taught to me by West Ham United. Every weekend they managed to piss me off, but I never once thought of changing alliances.

Many adventures can be resighted from living in 11 Countries. I preferred to travel to live rather than visit the resort and play tourist.

This flavour for adventure also comes in the shape of personal challenges. In 2008 I climbed Kilimanjaro for charity with the then West Hams keeper Rob Green. I ran the London Marathon, also for charity. Plus, a number of boxing bouts for charity. It appeals to me to maximise the good out of every situation 

Probably my most successful period of this time was owning 5 Call Centres and a Nightclub. This I am proud of as it was built on a shoestring and entirely organically. Some of the best years of my life so far.

The 3 ways of learning:

  1. Being broke
  2. Being heartbroken
  3. Being hungry

The non-woke humoured realist

Well, here I am!

I have stories that people don’t believe. Experiences that could make a decent movie. Peaks and troughs that would make a white-knuckle ride. The trade-off has been self-learning to the extremity with many lessons.

From the moment I wake to the time I sleep; I get my kicks out of helping people. My hindsight centenary and innate nature have created this routine. The world I leave behind will be my legacy. My legacy is what I binge think about. Know yourself well enough to never live an act. This is the best version of yourself you can give to others.

On that note, I qualify for DAD JOKES 

By definition, I laugh first, followed by the rolling of the eyes of the victims. If you would like to roll your eyes at my Dad Jokes, simply add your email below and this high-quality humour will come your way.

Thank me later 

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